Our Values and Process

Our Values:

There is much discussion today in the financial services industry concerning fees.  It’s a discussion that is taking place in books, on the internet, television commercials, magazines and newspapers, and they are all asking the question, “How much are you paying your advisor? “It is a valid question, but one that should be asked within the context of what it is that your advisor is doing for you.

Financial Planning, specifically Retirement Planning, is about so much more than selecting a mix of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETF’s. It is about you. What are your needs and goals? Do you want to buy your first home, pay for your children’s college tuition, retire early? All of the above?   Having a sound investment strategy begins with a firm understanding of needs, concerns and overall objectives.  That understanding is achieved only after having spent time with clients, asking and answering many questions.

Your financial advisor should be actively working with you to help make the life you want possible. However, that can only happen when they authentically engage with you and get to know you, your family and your personal values. This requires both time and experience, and this is what Financial Planning Resources (FPR) brings to you. We work with you to design your Financial Road Map, including saving, spending and investment strategies, specifically tailored to your life.

Part of life is the unexpected. At FPR we help you to anticipate potential risks over the course of your full life. What would happen in the event of an unforeseen illness or job loss? How will you pay for health insurance if you want to retire before you have reached Medicare eligibility? How much life insurance is needed and how will potential long-term care costs be handled? These are just a few of the questions that we help you answer.

In addition, FPR partners with financial professionals including a CPA and professional estate planning attorneys to ensure all areas of your financial life are working in alignment with your Financial Road Map. The CPA offers tax preparation as well as advice on specific tax questions so that you can help minimize your taxes.  A well-drafted trust helps to ensure that your assets pass as smoothly and efficiently as possible to your beneficiaries. At FPR, an entire team is behind you executing the plan that we design with you to build your best life from your first job through retirement.

Along the way we provide a series of educational classes designed to inform you on a variety of subjects.  Each month we invite a guest speaker to present on a range of topics that include the current economic outlook, Medicare options, Social Security, Estate Planning and Personal Safety, just to name a few.

So, while designing an investment portfolio is a key element of your financial plan, it is only one of the tools that we use to help you pursue your larger life goals. At FPR we believe that financial strength and stability are what enables you to live the life you want. We want to do everything we can to help you get there.

The dialogue will continue, as it should, because it is always important to understand what you are paying for and receiving in return – we are after all financial advisers – and in that spirit, we thought it was equally important to communicate the full range and value of the services that we bring to you, our trusted client.  


Registered Representative is not an attorney, does not draft estate planning documents, and may only serve to coordinate an overall estate plan. Some estate planning and tax services are offered through qualified third party. Financial Planning Resources does not provide tax or legal advice.

Our Process:

Phase I: Discovery

We begin this stage during our initial meeting where we get to know one another. We focus on what your specific needs are and what you want your investment capital to do for you.

Phase II: Strategy

The primary objective of this stage is to develop an effective, long-term investment strategy that is custom tailored to the unique needs of each client. We then develop a comprehensive plan that outlines the strategy we recommend for long-term success.

Phase III: Implementation

The primary objective of this phase is to successfully implement your investment strategy. By means of constant communication and a highly skilled staff, we strive to make this process quick and easy for you.

Phase IV: Monitoring and Adjusting

We monitor our client's accounts on a regular basis to ensure they are still performing in a way that meets their intention. When we discover that a client's circumstances have changed, or that shifting global markets require a different investing approach, we are there to quickly make adjustments.