Skip's 50th Anniversary





As I begin my 50th year ...    

 June 1, 2014, began my march to 50 years in the profession of financial advice.  After graduating from Oklahoma University, Connecticut Mutual enrolled me in their training program on June 1, 1965.  They valued my services so much that they paid me $450 a month…that's right $450 a month...not a day or a week but a month. Those of you closer to my age can remember those paychecks before inflation had its dramatic effect.

In the past 49 years, much has been learned by working long hours, persistence, and slow agonizing trial and error. Through a process of elimination many of the right beliefs and behaviors have been learned. Unfortunately or fortunately, many of the wrong behaviors were tried first. Perseverance has probably been my strongest trait. My wonderful wife, Carol, has been indispensable. I sincerely believe without her help, encouragement and support, through all the difficult times, I would have been a failure.

You may be thinking, Skip, are you going to 'hang it up' when you reach the 50th year?  The good Lord willing, the answer is no.  My goal is to be part of the 6% of Americans who never retire.  After 49 years of 'slow and agonizing trial and error' why quit when I know more than ever?  Besides I love this work and you, my clients, are my best would missed too much.

In the 'grandfatherly' stage of my life, may I share with you four of the  foundational financial principles to financial success?    

   1. Spend less than you make

    2. Avoid the use of unnecessary debt     

   3. Have adequate savings and liquidity     

   4. Avoid immediate gratification for long-term future benefits

Wow, you say Skip these are so simple.  You are right, they are simple.  The problem is they are not the American way of doing things and too often we are snagged by one or more of these foundational principles.  Please stress these to your children, grandchildren, and friends.  If you don't teach them these principles then who will?

As I approach my 50th year, Financial Planning Resources, Inc., will be having some special events in preparation of this milestone…hope to see you there.

God bless,