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FPR Advantage

We have a comprehensive process that aims to help our clients build wealth and piece together their financial puzzle.

Using our dynamic Wealth 360 Process, the FPR team provides data-backed guidance on how to best pursue your long-term financial goals. A disciplined process can compound into meaningful results for our clients.

Personalized & Customized

From the very beginning, Financial Planning Resources takes the time to understand your personal situation and financial goals. We explain our investment approach (as we get to know you and discuss your specific needs), tailoring a strategy to meet your situation and investment goals. But that’s only the beginning of the relationship.

At Financial Planning Resources, you have a dedicated financial advisor team, which serves as your one-on-one point of contact. Your advisor has a deep understanding of your personal and family needs, and works diligently to ensure your service needs are met promptly and accurately. We’ll check in frequently to make sure your investment strategy and other goals are still in line with your lifestyle and goals.

The Right Tools To Build Wealth

At FPR, an entire team is behind you executing the plan we design with you to build a great life from now through retirement. In addition to the skill set represented by our team, FPR also partners with financial professionals (such as CPA’s and estate planning attorneys) to ensure all areas of your financial life are working in alignment with your Financial Road Map.

“Stay On The Train” Investing Strategy

Financial Planning Resources helps you manage your investments based on your personal goals and an industry-predictive modeling of the market. We use our comprehensive process “Stay on the Train” approach, utilizing effective diversification where appropriate: investing at reasonable prices and allowing those investments to potentially appreciate over time.

Straightforward Pricing

“How much are you paying your advisor?” is a valid question. But it should be asked within the context of another important question: “What is your advisor doing for you?”

At Financial Planning Resources, we have a simple fee structure based on the size of your portfolio and the level of service needed. This aligns our interests with yours: in other words, if you do better, we do better. We have structured our fees in a way to incentivize our advisors to act in your best interest, and never for short-term gain.

Continuing Financial Education: Classes & Seminars

We want you to feel informed and confident through every step of your financial journey. Our goal is always to educate and help you understand the “what” and “why” of your portfolio strategy.

Part of our educational approach is to bring in guest speakers to present on a range of financial topics, including subjects such as: the Current Economic Outlook, Tax Strategies, Social Security, Estate Planning Strategies, Market Updates, and more. We’ve found that our clients love these events, both for the valuable information and guidance provided, as well as the entertainment and social component.

Network Advising 

This is an additional service we offer to friends, family, and colleagues of our premiere clients. We will answer any financial questions they have and act as an impartial sounding board for financial situations and decision making.

Individuals in your network are not required to become a client to take advantage of this resource. This is simply part of our dedication to building a relationship with you. We offer our expertise to your friends and family because if they’re important to you, then they are important to us.

Please contact us at any time if you have someone in your life you feel would benefit from mining our knowledge and experience.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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