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Our History

Throughout the history of Financial Planning Resources, we have prioritized serving our clients and employees and building lifelong relationships.

A Little Backstory

Before the financial planning profession came about, those in the professional fields were often referred to as “single-discipline planners.” For example: a stockbroker sold stock, the life insurance man sold life insurance, the CPA did taxes, the attorney drew wills and trusts, and so on.

The financial planning industry really began to take off in 1972, with the founding of the College for Financial Planning. With the founding of the American College of Financial Planning there was now a new field of multidisciplinary professionals who acted as the “quarterbacks” for all of these disciplines.

It was on the heels of this new approach to managing portfolios that Skip Nichols discovered the industry and began building the legacy of Financial Planning Resources.


The Beginning of FPR

Back in the early 70’s, Skip Nichols was working as a general agent for the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company when he became interested in the world of financial planning.

The skill set to become a financial planner was quite different than the one Skip had developed as the head of an insurance agency. Determined to learn more about this fascinating new industry, Skip began studying and eventually passed the requirements to become a Charter Financial Consultant.

In 1981, he organized Financial Planning Resources, Inc. as a separate corporation inside of his life insurance agency. But it wasn’t until 1986 that he would sell the life insurance agency and focus solely on Financial Planning Resources.

The early years were challenging, and the focus was on developing a new set of skills in order to help educate people through a variety of money-management courses. Skip and his team covered all the areas you might expect: stocks and bonds, goal setting, educational funding for college, gifting, debt management, all forms of insurance, wills, trusts, estate planning strategies, and so on. A key part of the class was for each person or family to develop their own financial plan, which FPR would help them create.

As the firm steadily grew, so did the size of the classes. Over the years, they were provided to dozens of corporations, universities, and churches located in central and northeast Oklahoma. Eventually, though, the firm grew to the point that the team no longer had time to teach the public programs.

Educating clients was and is the number one priority of Financial Planning Resources. Many of today’s clients have been students of FPR’s original courses, and continue to learn and grow with the firm. 

FPR Today and Tomorrow

Financial Planning Resources has grown throughout the years, but our philosophy has remained the same:

To teach and serve people through an integrity-driven community of talented advisors.

We’re proud to say our dedication to these foundational principles has been the driving force behind FPR’s success, including an average client relationship of over 25 years.*

Our team will always be here to carefully listen and strategically guide you throughout your financial journey. Whatever life has brought you and whatever it will bring, we will walk you through the financial side as a trusted guide that you can turn to for genuine service and expert advice.

*Results are based on a collection of data from years 1981-2018.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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