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I would like to acknowledge the exceptional work done by the team at Financial Planning Resources (FPR). I am grateful to have your hard work and dedication to make my retirement successful. In Year 2004, I took one of Skip Nichols financial classes at Tulsa University. In 2005, I invested in an IRA Annuity which started my investment portfolio with FPR. Since then, I have worked with the whole team for approximately 20 years. I have been retired for 2 years and I feel very secure with my investments and my future.

- Karen D.

We met James (Skip) Nichols over 25 years ago at the University of Tulsa. Skip was teaching a series of night courses on Financial Planning at no cost. We were convinced that Skip was the person we needed to guide us through the complexities of financial planning. The Financial Planning Resources staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They work with many financial companies to determine what financial trends are developing and use this knowledge to invest our money in a manner suitable to our lifestyle and needs. We find the ability to access our account information extremely intuitive. Being able to get the latest information helps us make sure we are on track with our budget. The fees they charge are reasonable. We have established a personal relationship with Skip and his staff over the years. We totally trust them with the management of our finances.

- Leo T.

While having relocated from Switzerland to Tulsa OK we were in need to get professional advice for our personal life as we always intended to stay here. After having met Skip Nichols at a University of Tulsa Seminar we felt comfortable to join LPL as a client. We value the personal relationship with the team at LPL at all levels and have continuously been given positive advice with good explanations of what targeted investment we needed to engage in for our family. Thank you all!

- Andre S.

Since being laid off in 2017 at the age of 57, I have been consolidating retirement accounts and evaluating retirement advisors. After transitioning advisors three times I have arrived at FPR. Financial Planning Resources, and specifically, Stacey Richards, have provided most everything I was looking for in an advisory company. The most important characteristic in this client/advisor relationship is TRUST. Trust and the confidence to know the firm understands my investing profile and is willing to carry that out with my investments. We moved to FPR in October 2023 and Stacey has done a great job in facilitating the transition, gaining our trust, communicating the recommendations for our investments, and customizing our portfolios. Stacey has earned the trust of my spouse and other family members we’ve introduced to FPR. Most importantly for me, Stacey has helped educate me in the investment tools and philosophy used at FPR to differentiate their company. I’m relatively new at planning retirement and moving from accumulating to planning disbursements but Stacey, and the entire organization, are essentially training us through one-on-one meetings, seminars, and client events. FPR has a team approach which helps me know that ideas about investment alternatives and strategies are being discussed and applied to my portfolios. FPR has a great atmosphere with a staff of hard-working individuals that are focused on their work as fiduciaries. And they seem to have fun while doing their jobs. I’m happy that a co-worker recommended that I just talk to FPR. It’s been a great choice for us.

- Jerry B.

In 2003, Skip and Phillip came to my employer to do a "lunch and learn." It opened my eyes to an area of finances that I never thought about. I retired January 5, 2024 with enough in my investments to live comfortably.

I believe if it wasn't for Skip and Phillip coming to Airgas in 2003 perhaps I would still be working today because I know several people who cannot afford to retire. Stacey Richards has been a constant source of encouragement and through the good times and bad "just stay on the train."

- Dan W.

When I retired, we researched some financial investment firms in which to invest my pension. We chose Financial Planning Resources for its more personalized approach to doing business, as well as their extensive financial knowledge. Five years into retirement, they have not disappointed us. We have regular meetings to discuss our investments and they never miss a birthday. They offer many informative sessions on a variety of topics. They are very knowledgeable in making wise investments for us. They are always just a phone call away. Their hands on approach makes us very comfortable and secure in having our investments with Financial Planning Resources.

- Holly Z.

This statement is a testimonial by a client of the financial professional as of 03/22/2024. The client has not been paid or received any other compensation for making these statements. As a result, the client does not receive any material incentives or benefits for providing the testimonial.

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